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Resources and Documentation

Technical documentation and resources (eBIZ-TCF site, English)http://www.ebiz.enea.it
Upstream Textile clothing, Technical documentation and resources of CURRENT version (Moda-ML site, English and Italian)http://www.ebiz.enea.it/eBIZ/imple/ebiztcu-last.asp
Upstream Textile clothing, Technical documentation and resources of DRAFT version (Moda-ML site, English and Italian)http://www.ebiz.enea.it/eBIZ/imple/ebiztcu-draft.asp

eBIZ adoption course

Table of contents (CW513-014)

Title English Espagnol Italiano Slideshare Ita Slideshare En
01. Course eBIZ - Intro En Es It Slide 01 Slides 01
02.Course eBIZ - eBIZ En Es It Slide 02 Slides 02
03. Course eBIZ - Domain En Es It Slide 03 Slides 03
04. Course eBIZ - Focus on En Es It Slide 04 Slides 04
04.a Course eBIZ - Focus on Fabric En Es It Slide 04a Slides 04a
04.b Lente su Abbigliamento It
05. Course eBIZ - Use profile and Adoption En Es It Slide 05 Slides 05
06. Course eBIZ - resources EN En Es It Slide 06 Slides 06
07. Course eBIZ - validation En Es It Slide 07 Slides 07

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